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About Emma Nevel

My approach to psychotherapy is anchored in a profound respect for consent, agency, and self-determination. Rather than viewing mental health through the lens of pathology, I hold an appreciation for the adaptive survival strategies many of us cultivate in order to survive traumatic experiences and unsafe environments. 

I specialize in supporting folks who are navigating complex trauma, relational difficulties, interpersonal and systemic violence, grief, chronic illness/disability, neurodivergence, mood disorders, medical trauma, burnout, and identity exploration.


I hold a particular passion for working with queer and trans folks, sexual trauma survivors, activists/organizers, writers, artists, educators, healers, and anyone who struggles to feel safe or at home in their bodies. My clinical work is primarily informed by my training in relational psychodynamic theory and Somatic Experiencing®, along with a commitment to continued learning about Disability Justice, Transformative Justice, and non-carceral approaches to mental health care. 

I hold tremendous reverence for the innate embodied wisdom that we are often taught to disavow, distrust, and treat as less valuable. I find myself continuously moved by the power of reclaiming and reconnecting to that wisdom, and see it as an antidote to the disembodiment and dehumanization necessitated by systems of exploitation and oppression. 


I believe deeply in the power of the therapeutic relationship—a space where you are free to show up exactly as you are, and connect with the parts of yourself that have historically not felt safe to be present with. In therapy, messiness, confusion, and uncertainty are not only welcome, but embraced. It is, ideally, a place to experiment with new, more aligned ways of relating and being in the world. 

When I’m not working, I love swimming in the ocean, quiet walks, reading fiction (especially queer and trans fiction), listening to podcasts, making playlists, and spending time in nature with loved ones. 

If my approach resonates with you, please reach out here to schedule a 15-30 minute free phone consultation. 

Education & Licensure: 
-New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License # 096384)
-Master of Social Work, Smith College School for Social Work 
-Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

Professional affiliations: 
-Kintsugi Therapist Collective:
-Manhattan Alternative:

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