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Gender-Affirming Therapy

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The majority of my clients identify as trans, non-binary, genderqueer, or gender non-conforming. Others struggle to “claim” a label, or don’t see themselves reflected in labels. I’m passionate about supporting folks in exploring their identities in ways that are exciting and affirming, while also honoring and acknowledging the realities of systemic and interpersonal transphobia. 

Gender identity exploration often extends beyond merely "defining" one's gender; it involves understanding how your relationship with gender intersects with various aspects of your life and identities. For trans and non-binary individuals, the pressure to "know" or be certain about their identities in a world fixated on binaries can be overwhelming. While strategically learning how to navigate barriers to gender-affirming care is important, it’s just as important to create spaces where trans and non-binary folks get to not-know, be confused, and change their minds. Our therapy is a space to experiment, play, and imagine the boundless possibilities. 

Many of my trans and non-binary clients don’t pursue therapy specifically for gender-related issues, but still find it important to work with a provider with lived experience and a shared analysis of how transphobia intersects with other systems of oppression. For those who do seek therapy for gender-related support, our discussions span a range of topics, including:

•    Finding/creating language around gender identity
•    Exploring gender expression 
•    Support with medical transition decisions, including advocacy strategies
•    The limitations of the medical model’s conceptualization of transness
•    Unpacking internalized transphobia 
•    Strategies for alleviating dysphoria
•    Exploring/supporting gender euphoria 
•    The power of queer and trans community 
•    Self-advocacy with families, friendships, partnerships 
•    Navigating transphobia at school and/or work 
•    Examining the intersections of gender with other identities

If you’re interested in exploring your relationship to gender, and/or are looking for a trans-affirming therapist, please reach out for a free consultation. 

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Families and loved ones of trans folks: 

 I also work with parents, caregivers, and loved ones of trans folks who are interested in a supportive, trans-affirming space for processing the impact of a loved one’s identity changes or gender exploration. This work has become especially important in recent years as waves of anti-trans legislation surge across the country, targeting trans youth in particular. I’m passionate about offering a space for parents and caregivers to deepen their strategies for supporting their trans, non-binary, and gender expansive kids.

Letters for Gender-Affirming Medical Care: 

For those seeking gender-affirming medical care, I am experienced in writing letters for doctors and insurance companies that require them. I approach this process with a commitment to resisting the gatekeeping practices inherent in navigating gender-affirming care. Recognizing the reality of such requirements, I provide letters for both ongoing clients and for individuals who are solely interested in receiving a letter from a mental health care provider. Letters are free of charge, and sessions that are exclusively for letter-writing are also free of charge. 

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