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Workshop Facilitation, Consultation & Coaching

I offer workshops and consultation to organizations, schools, group therapy practices, medical professionals, and social justice groups on the following topics: 

•    Somatic skills for navigating stress and overwhelm 
•    LGBTQ+ affirming care and practice 
•    Building personal/relational/organizational/communal resilience 
•    The Neurobiology of Trauma 

Please click here if you are interested in exploring workshop facilitation with me.

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I offer consultation (both one-time and ongoing) to social work/therapy students, interns, and early career professionals around the following topics: 

•    Trans affirming clinical practice 
•    Integrating Somatic principles into your work 
•    Navigating chronic illness and disability as a chronically ill/disabled therapist 
•    Working with queer and/or trans clients as a queer and/or trans therapist 

Please note that consultation is not meant to replace supervision needed for licensure. If you’re interested in consulting with me, please click here. 

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